Buy Wholesale from Cafe De Arts

Cafe De Arts Roastery is pleased to offer our fresh roasted coffee products to qualified businesses (i.e.: coffee shops, food cooperatives, gourmet & grocery stores, health food stores, restaurants, specialty stores, offices, etc.) at wholesale prices as well as a portfolio of top teas, syrups, and products to support your business. We also extend this offer to non-profit and other organizations for fund raising purposes. If you prefer to sell coffees under the name of your company or organization, we are eager to assist you with private labeling.

Our client roster represents independent coffee retailers, banquet halls, and restaurants whose customers appreciate gourmet coffee and tea service.

Cafe De Arts Roastery is eager for you and your customers to experience our quality, so we have kept our minimum order requirements low. Roasts, Blends, World Coffees, Decafs, Coffee Flavors.

Our Roasts Full City Roast Our lightest roast, this deliciously mellow coffee has a fresh full body and a stimulating aroma. It's sophisticated enough to be served with an elegant meal and mild enough to drink every morning.

Vienna Roast
Vienna Roast performs a delicate balancing act between Full City Roast and French Roast. The sweet bouquet generates a fine cup with its round acidity and rich coffee character.

French Roast
Roasted long enough to bring the natural oil of the coffee to the surface of the bean and is just a shade or so lighter than our Italian Roast. Its dark richness has a very balanced full body coffee flavor.

Italian Roast
The darkest of our four roasts, its hearty coffee flavor is bold and robust, but always smooth and never bitter.