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Café De Arts is now offering Barrel Aged Coffee

Café De Arts is now offering barrel aged coffee

Barrel Aged Coffee has arrived at Café De Arts! Available in whiskey, tequila and cognac. The coffee is aged in used liquor barrels and absorbs the flavors left behind in the wood, known by whiskey aficionados as the Devil's Cut. Wholesale & Special Orders: contact us at to place special orders or to design a barrel aged bean for your needs.

Café De Arts is open at our new St. Paul Ave. location

Café De Arts new location image

Café De Arts is now open at our new location at 830 W. St. Paul Ave. We are now open 7 days a week! New hours are: Mon. - Fri. 6am to 2.30pm • Sat. 7:30am to 2.30pm • Sun. 7.30am to 2.00pm. Stop by soon to see our new location with expanded seating on the main floor and upstairs in two additional, quiet rooms.

Café De Arts video profile

Cafe De Arts Roastery from Lumafox Creative on Vimeo.

Café De Arts moving to new St. Paul Ave. location

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff - Photo credit - Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

Café De Arts moving to new location

WAUKESHA - It will be a bittersweet move for Ayhan and Gulten Munzur and their café shop Café de Arts in early 2016, but Ayhan said he is excited to expand his business’s offerings and to have a larger space to call his own.

For about seven years, Café de Arts has been located in the bright purple building with a sunflower painted upon it at 136 E. St. Paul Ave. When the Munzurs learned the building was for sale, Ayhan said he decided to look around and found the former St. Paul Pub, 830 W. St. Paul Ave. He said he feels it will be a good location and will allow them to improve their business by offering more space for coffee roasting and to provide room for barista classes.

“We are going to take it to the next level,” Munzur said.

He said there is going to be a third wave of coffee appreciation. The first was when people started making coffee at home. Now, the third wave will be people getting educated about coffee and how to make it.

In its new location, Café de Arts will still have its bakery and coffee menu, but Munzur said there will be some additional foods.

“It is going to be sad to leave this place,” he said of the purple house. “(But) it’s a business and we have to move forward and it will be our own place.”

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Eating out in Waukesha, WI: Top 10 Local Eats

By Haley Henschel -

Once renowned for its clean spring waters, Waukesha, Wisconsin is now taking center stage for its eclectic art galleries, popular concerts, scenic hiking trails and, most notably, its evolving lineup of local eateries. We explore the top restaurants in ‘Spring City,’ from unexpected foodie havens dotting the Fox River to hole-in-the-wall cafés that will make you feel like a regular by your second visit.

You won't have trouble finding Café de Arts - it is housed in a magenta building with large, vivid sunflowers painted on it. Abstract pieces from local artists also cover the walls on the inside of the quaint European-style café, keeping it fresh and bright even on the rainiest day. The friendly Turkish couple that owns the Café de Arts bakes fresh goods every morning - the baklava will render you speechless - which you can enjoy with a cup of coffee, or as a side with a Panini or bowl of soup. Intimate and trendy, Café de Arts is the perfect place to snag a warm breakfast or meet up with friends on your lunch break. In a rush? Since the business doubles as a micro-roastery, patrons can purchase its custom-roasted coffee to brew at home, too.
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Turkish food full of good surprises

By Anne Schamberg - JSOnline - January 22, 2014

Café de Arts in Waukesha, which is owned by Gulten and Ayhan Munzur, who are originally from Istanbul and have been in Wisconsin for about five years. Café de Arts, in a purple-painted frame house at 136 E. St. Paul Ave, is a coffee shop — they roast their own beans — and café that serves breakfast and lunch. Gulten Munzur makes a number of Turkish specialties, including red lentil soup, which they serve on Fridays, and borek and baklava, which are available every day. Husband Ayhan jokes that the Turks and Greeks "are always arguing about who makes the best baklava." Gulten says she goes to Chicago about once a month for some ingredients, but she finds that Penzeys Spices carries most of the herbs and spices she needs. Asked about family dinners, she said they usually have "soup to start" and always a salad — "like a Greek salad" — with a simple, homemade olive oil-based dressing. Meat is also on the table, perhaps chicken, along with a pilaf made with rice or bulgur. As to kebabs, she said, "we usually go to a restaurant for that — they do a good job." Click here for full JSOnline article

Cafe De Arts Helps Charities with 'suspended coffee' program

By Gregg Wandsneider - Special to the Freemann

WAUKESHA - The purple house located at 136 East St. Paul Ave. is home to Cafe De Arts, a 4-year old business and Waukesha's "first and only" coffee roaster, according to Ayhan Munzur, who runs the small coffee shop, restaurant and bakery with his wife Gulten. Click here for full article

Suspended coffee logo

Suspended Coffees have arrived in Waukesha!

CAFE DE ARTS is now offering suspended coffees. These Cups of Kindness are a simple act of goodwill to those less fortunate. Buy a cup for yourself and buy one or three for someone else! Please support Waukeshas first and only cafe Roastery in downtown Waukesha!

Cafe De Arts has a new Tea Menu featuring Rishi Tea.

Enjoy Organic, Fair Trand and Origin Direct tea. We are offering a wide variety of flavors including; Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Pu-erh Tea, Spiced Chai and Caffine Free Botanical Blends. Click here for the full menu of tea Cafe De Arts is offering.